Sunday, March 29, 2009

The LOVE Quilt is finally completed!

Yup! I worked on the binding as I sat watching the AF concert last Saturday night, 21 March 2009, and completed it just as AC Mizal announced that Adila was booted out. What a timing! LOL! Luckily there were no teary moments in AF now, thanks to AC Mizal’s lack of playing up to emotions. If not, I am sure the quilt would have had some tear stains on it before I could even lay it on the bed! LOL!

So, what do you think?

I love the colours because it has pink in it, of course! LOL! The English flowers evokes the romantic feeling and feeling of love that I wanted the quilt to have. I think the quilt is sweet, don’t you? *wink*

I had enjoyed working on this piece, but I almost thought that I would never have been able to complete it had Gill not agreed to allow me to come in and work on it in class last Saturday. I think I just needed some pushing! LOL!

Time for me to cuddle up in bed! *wink*


Paul Lionel said...

LOL who are you showcasing? Your son or the quilt?? ROFL!

I really really really like this quilt Nik! I think it's really beautiful. I could look at it and admire it for days! And that's not my preference for the colour pink talking. This must be your greatest achievement yet! Congratulations on completing it. It's truly a work of art!

Janet C said...

Congrats! It turn out very sweet and pretty. Aiman seems very happy posing with it! :))

Barbara said...

That LOVE quilt must have been a labour of LOVE! I can appreciate the work that goes into such a huge quilt and wasn't it hand quilted? Doubly super!!

Aw said...

very lovely pastel pink...hard work pays the finishing is gorgeous.

eli said...

wow kak nun, that's a very big achievement.. really beautiful piece!! It will surely "evokes the romantic feeling and feeling of love" ... can sleep well, huh? ;)


Za said...

Thanks, Paul, Janet and Aw for the compliments! *smile*

Yeah, it does look like I am featuring Aiman instead of the quilt, huh? LOL!

Hi BJ! Nice of you to drop by!

No, it was machine quilted. The Soccer quilt I made for Aiman was hand quilted.

Yeha, Eli, the quilt did sort of evoked the romantic feeling and feeling of love - I got an extra hug today from Abg Man today. *wink*

snazzynsuch said...

congrats Nik!
the quilt is really pretty.