Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look what I made!

I have been busy…..well, not only busy with work, which gets me constantly stressed out! LOL! I have been busy working on my crafts. It keeps me sane in this insane and stressful world with a job that is getting more demanding by the day. I love my job, but, with all the stress that I have to go through each day, I need to come home for a hug with my hubby and son, and also to work on my crafts to take my mind of matters at work.

It relaxes me, and as many of my crafting friends will agree with me, getting creative doing crafty things is very therapeutic.

So, last Saturday, as I was cleaning up my craft room in the morning before taking Aiman out for his Saturday activities, I came across a couple of small projects that I have been doing, but never got around to complete it. They were in several pouches stashed away in several areas of the room that I forgot all about it. Not seeing them means out of sight, which means out of mind.

My mind started thinking how should I keep all my small projects together so that I know what I am doing them and constantly remind myself that I should complete them. So, as I sat stitching my Little House Needlework piece at Starbucks yesterday, I suddenly had a brainwave (eerr……wondering if that is right word to use…?). Before I forget, and as I did not carry a notebook with me, I quickly drew a sketch on the Starbucks napkin of how I would like my pouch to look like with some basic dimensions.

I dropped by Quilt Gallery to buy some zippers, and I also went a little bit overboard as I bought a few remnant pieces of cottons too to make the pouch despite having a lot of stash already at home! LOL! *grin* I simply could not resist it especially when I saw the cheerful colours of a piece of cotton that I knew would be just perfect for my pouch! LOL!

When I came home, I did not start on the pouch immediately as I had other chores to do, but, before dinner, I sat down to redraw the pouch in my craft notebook, and managed to cut the fabrics to size before I had to get dinner ready.

I only went back to doing the pouch after the AF Concert, which ended at 11.30pm, and stayed up till 1.30am to work on it. I continued to work on it after breakfast today, and managed to complete it just before I had to get lunch ready.

I am happy to show off *wink* to my crafting friends and readers of my blog, my own pouch creation! Not the greatest piece of work, but......*grin*

It can fit in 3 small on going projects, the size of Lizzie Kate’s or Little House Needlework charts, at the same time.

It looks a little bulky because I just stuffed everything inside the pouch without organizing it as I was too excited to take photos of the pouch to show off! LOL!

I am not an expert in working with zippers, so I surprised myself when I actually managed to do up this pouch not with one zipper, but 3 zippers! LOL!

Also, I have always been intimidated whenever I see a project that requires me to do a piping using cords. I always think it is difficult and I might not make a good job of it. But, I guess, since learning how to make one the proper way at Epal when I did the multi-purpose basket, it sure pays off, when I managed to do the piping for this pouch quite well.

I am quite pleased with myself on how the pouch turned out. I almost did not want to do the piping, but now I am glad I did. It made a lot of difference to the way the pouch would have looked without the piping. It wouldn’t have looked as nice, I think, as it is with the piping. Wouldn’t you agree? *wink*

Don’t you also agree with me that the fabric for the front of the pouch is so cheerful and colourful? This will be one pouch I would be proud to show off! LOL! *wink*

Opps! I’d better get some stitching done! *grin*


Paul Lionel said...

Congratulations Nik!! It's really nice. And practical too!

Good that you acted on your little 'concept' as soon as you could. Sometimes if we linger it tends to go 'stale' if you know what I mean!

ShannyK-L said...

LOL! I have to agree with Paul here. It's a really nice pouch. Now you've remind me to make a pouch for DH's Ipod....

Janet C said...

Very pretty and practical. Love the top fabbie too! Must make one myself!

Biblo said...

Well done! Love the fabric of the pouch.

Yes, I have been lingering too long and getting stale ... LOL!!!

Emily said...

What a lovely COLOR!!! And absolutely USEFUL! three ongoing projects in one place.. You are so gonna make full use of this pouch when you travel! Well done on the three zippers!