Monday, March 09, 2009

A slow progress..... and wishes for a safe journey

But a progress still, no doubt.

I managed to work a little bit on my ABC quilt today. I thought I could progress more over the weekend so that I can attend class today, but, it turned out to be a very hectic weekend this week.

Saturday morning was, as usual, filled up with Aiman's activity classes. After lunch, we headed on to Shah Alam to attend my niece's and nephew's birthday party. We spent the evening looking at our dream house which will remain a dream for a very very long time.....

On Sunday, we attended a wedding of a colleague's daughter. I spent the rest of Sunday doing household chores while watching a marathon of Commander in Chief.

Usually, on weekends, I tend to sleep late so that I can work a little bit on my crafts, but, this weekend, I slept early on both days. I have not fully recovered from the hectic week last week. I was in Pahang on Monday - drove there with my boss. On Tuesday, I was caught in the flash flood jam and got home only at 9.00pm.

On Wednesday, I travelled down to Malacca. The rest of the week was spent doing reports after reports on a project that had stirred 'excitement' and havoc among the top management in my department when someone of power said something to the media which I feel is due mostly to his ignorance of the facts. I have been coming home so late, I am both mentally and physically exhausted, and I have yet to recover from sheer exhaustion. I could not even pick up a needle to cross stitch.

But, today, after doing the usual household chores, I sat in front of my JANOME and worked on my ABC quilt. I must say that eventhough the progress wasn't much, I felt satisfied and productive.

I completed putting the ABC blocks together and went to class last Sunday to learn how to do the satin stitch and how to rip open and take out the freezer paper from the blocks. It sounds easy, doesn't it, but I wasn't confident that that was the way it should be done. Not wanting to take any chances, and make mistakes again, I went to class last week.

I enjoyed doing this project so far as I get to use up a lot of my left over cottons from previous projects. It was fun choosing out the fabrics and putting them together. I could have used what was in the kit for the ABCs but some of the fabrics I find boring. *grin*

I thought I could finish doing the satin stitches on the applique pieces today in time to go to class, but, I could not work fast enough. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with my progress, and tonight, I completed the applique at the top of the quilt.

I have yet to finish ripping out the freezer papers from the blocks though. Since I won't be doing any travelling outstation this week, I hope to be able to rip out the papers while I watch TV after dinner.

What's next? I will have to go to class for the next step. But, next week the school holiday starts, and already Aiman is excited to know what we are planning for the holidays.

Watch out for this blog to know what we will be doing over the school holidays! *wink*

To my mum who will be travelling all the way to the US to spend the holidays with my brother and his family, I wish her well and a safe journey. We will miss her here, but, in this modern day, it's only a phone call away, and I am sure she will be reading my blog to keep herself updated on what we have been up to.

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Grace said...

Great looking quilt there!