Thursday, March 19, 2009

The transformation begins……

As to be expected, there was no elimination during the first concert of AF last Saturday. If there was, I think I would have liked to boot out AC Mizal first! LOL!

Why of why did Astro keep him for another season. Why can’t he be replaced with Sarimah, or get Aznil to come back? Could it be because he had already signed up with Astro for more than one season, and so Astro has no choice but to keep him for another season? Oh dear…..

I enjoy watching AC Di Sini, and find him funny most of the time. He is talented and he handled his guests well on AC Di Sini, but, for some reason, he just has not got it to host a show of AF’s caliber, where spontaneity is a prerequisite. To host a show of AF’s caliber, one must be able to catch the moment and react, where Aznil is very good at. The host must also be able to dramatize a situation and set the mood for the evening. He or she must be able to make the audience laugh or cry with you, because that is what Akademi Fantasia is all about – DRAMA. And that was missing from last week’s concert.

First there was no interview done prior to the singing. Then there was no video clippings shown. The Critics gave their critics without having to be called.

Even though I don’t like some of the taglines used by the some of the AF kids in the last 6 seasons of AF, but to not have it at all was like a part of AF was missing. The taglines have become almost a part of what AF is all about. It was like not watching the AF concert anymore. Instead, it became like just watching any other concerts. It became just like Malaysian Idol, One in A Million, Mentor and many others which was just another singing contest.

AF is known for its drama. It’s what AF is all about. But, to not have the `interview’ prior’ to the singing, to take away the video clippings showing the ‘moments’ of the kids as they go about their daily activities, where it created drama and sets a tone for the evening, was like taking away what has made AF what it has become.

The ‘elimination’ round was done so promptly, you could have easily missed it and wondered what had just happened. There was no suspense at the end of the concert. And what was most unusual was that there was no Menuju Puncak sang at the end of the concert. What happened? Did the producer forget to include it in? Menuju Puncak is part of the AF concert. It sets the tone for the drama that was to begin during the elimination round. Taking that out was like the concert never ended. Again. I believe, the producers did that to accommodate AC Mizal’s lack of talent to play up the drama. Oh why oh why is he still around?

If AC Mizal lacks the talent to make drama, so did the fashion stylist. Why were all the kids dressed mostly in jeans, despite some of them singing some love ballads? Singing a love song in jeans took away the mood of the song. It just didn’t look right. Watching the concert last Saturday was like watching a day time talent show, where the participants are just walk-ins.

I think the stylist or fashion consultant should have dressed the kids according to the songs that they are to sing, as it makes a difference in the mood of the kid, and sets the mood of the audience too. Just to pick an example, I think Isma sang beautifully with her love ballad, but her dress just did not look right. I hope for the next concert this Saturday; the fashion consultant would do a better job.

If there was any consolation or good points to last week’s concert, it was the fact that all the students had a good voice. They just needed polishing. Even though some of them quivered during the first few seconds of their songs, their true voices showed through once they gained confidence. It would be hard to eliminate anyone this coming concert; so, it’s only their personalities which will keep them in the Akademi for the next 9 weeks.

If not for the poor dressing, the missing video clippings and the `interview’ - no thanks to AC Mizal; the missing Menuju Puncak, and the missing drama at the end of the concert, it would have been one good concert to remember, but alas, it was just another concert, like any other….

*notes: photos were taken from Akademi Fantasia's Official website.

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