Sunday, March 22, 2009

The first casualty

Ironic isn’t it that the first person to be booted out from Akademi Fantasi happens to be someone who already has a name in the music industry?

It just goes to prove that even if you are already an artiste, it is for sure that you will win a singing competition, and vice versa. In fact, it has ben proven many times already in many other competitions. Take Dayang Nurfaizah, for instance, who is already a recording artiste. She never made it to the top two in One In A Million, but she has many albums already to her name. I like her voice.

Even if you did win a singing competition, it is not a guarantee that you will succeed in the entertainment world. Faizal Tahir only came second, but he is more successful than Suki who won One In A Million some years back. Suki is only now making her moves into the entertainment industry, when Faizal Tahir is already winning awards.

Faisal of AF4 might have won in the 4th season of AF4, but, he is nowhere near successful in the music game. Adam came 3rd in AF3, but he is one of the more successful AF graduates compared to Linda Nanuwil who came in 2nd in the same season, but is nowhere to be found these days.

So, to Adila, I wish her good luck.

Now, for the comments for this week’s concert.

First, I must say kudos to the producer or music director, or whoever it is that is responsible for forwarding the idea for the kids to sing a medley. I must agree with Adlin that before you have time to get bored of the song, the song changes, and so does the mood. It saves those kids who did badly for the first song when they sang the second song better. But, there were cases where the kids did terribly for both songs, like Yazid, for instance. He might not have liked both the songs given to him, but that does not give him the right to deliver the songs badly. It is a responsibility given to him, and he should have carried it with pride.

Anuar Zain’s Lelaki Ini is a beautiful song, but when Yazid delivered the song, I could not help but cringed. He was not only bad, he was horrible! How could he have spoilt such a lovely song! He certainly must change his attitude if he wants to survive in this cruel entertainment world. Like Adlin said, when you are a singer, you will get songs requested for you to sing. Do you turn down a request made by someone paying you to sing? If you do, then you can forget about being invited back again by the organizer. I hope Yazid changes his attitude for the better. If not, I hope he gets kicked out next week.

I didn’t think much of Aishah when I first saw her 2 weeks ago in Diary, but, I must agree with my hubby that she is one to keep an eye on for. Could she be another small size winner?

She sang Faizal Tahir’s ‘Cuba’ very well, despite it being a ‘male song’. She took up the challenge and succeeded.

I wish Aril had made some dance moves when he sang Adam’s ‘Robot’ because it might have warmed him up to fans of Adam. Unfortunately he didn’t and I think it was a waste. A pity too, because it would have made a very strong impact.

I just hope that Aril is not going to be another Dafi or Nubhan where they are cute, but their singing talent has much to be desired. AF is, at the end of the day, a singing competition, right?

The clothes this week are far better than last week. The girls were much better dressed. I like Rubisa and Aisha’s attire, though I think Isma’s clothes makes her look very rounded.

However, overall, I think the kids’ performances have somewhat deteriorated a bit. Could it be that they performed better last week because they performed songs they chose, but this week, they were given the songs? But, since yesterday was only their second concert, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and will wait till the 4th or 5th concert to see who would actually have it to make it into the entertainment world.

Err…..could I boot out the Critics? *grin* I don’t like Endrie Hashim’s comments and I noticed that he and Yusni Hamid, and also last week, Khaty Ibrahim, does not seem to agree on the same thing. Either he is right, and Khaty or Yusni is wrong, or vice versa. But, I think the ladies are both right. *grin* I think Adlin always seems to save the day, though I sometimes think that his comments can sometimes be long-winded too.

By the way, I think the AF attire won by the kids when singing Menuju Puncak is cute – both the male and female attire.

The red and white colour and the short skirts make the girls look more feminine, though some might find it a little too sexy, despite them wearing leotards.

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