Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting creative with limited building pieces

Aiman has always been very much into Bionicles and dinosaurs, eversince I could remember when he could pick up a book. Lately he has also been a fan Ben-10.

It never fails to excite him seeing all the many types of bionicles and dinosaurs on the racks at Toys R Us. And, it also never fails to amaze me seeing the excitemnet on his face each time we drop by Toys R Us before his Saturday classes, though my hubby and I agree that we shall not spoil him by buying everything that he wants.

Instead, we tell him that should he want any toys, he will have to 'work' for it by making money doing extra chores other than his daily chores. We want him to learn to appreciate the value of money.

So far, he has been lucky, because, for the last two birthdays, he got quite a number of bionicles as presents. As to be expected of boys, after playing for a few months, he got bored and wanted us to buy new ones, but we told him 'NO'.

Though he was upset initially, but, he overcomed it by getting creative. He started creating his own dinosaurs and bionicles from the existing pieces, and he has been quite creative, coming up with many different types of dinosaurs and bionicles.

Last night, he wanted me to snap photos of his creation, and here they are, which he explained to me are not bionicles, but dinosaurs. He said that they are T-Rex and Terradactile.

Hmm.....would I have known any better? LOL!

Limitations do have its advantages. It forces you to get creative with whatever that you have. *grin*


ShannyK-L said...

I guess children will never cease to amaze us! 20 yrs ago, give us an old wok, a stick, an old cattle, etc we can play masak-masak or house liow! LOL!....

Anonymous said...

I think the spelling is Pterodactyl...:-)