Sunday, January 27, 2008

A weekend plan that was not meant to be.....

I made so many plans for this weekend, but, as the saying goes, we can only plan, but God determines.

Our plan for Saturday was to take Aiman for his animation class in the morning, after the 3-way teacher-parent conference at his school, followed by lunch, and later for his art class. We had also planned to drop by a friend's house, after the class, who's child's birthday party we could not attend last week due to some prior engagements.

On Sunday, I had planned to get started on the birthday exchange and the NNC lottery, or at least, sit down to plan out what I want to make.

So far, only the 3-way conference, which was essential that we make it, went according to plan. Aiman started a bad coughing fit as soon as we left the house. He was down with fever already on Tuesday night, but his fever had subsided by Thursday, and he was just having some mild coughing fits.

My hubby theorize that it is due to stress for we were going to meet up with his teachers to discuss his progress and to find out what plans the teachers had laid out for the year for the primary two children.

We thought that as soon as the 3-way conference was over, his coughing fit would stop. It has happened like that before. Unfortunately, it did not stop this time around, but as he was eager to attend the animation class, we proceeded to make our way there, but later had to change our plans when we got a call from the workshop to inform us that they just realised that he is not yet eligible for the class due to his age. The eligible age is 9 - 11 years. However, he still has two engineering classes, which he also loves going to, to complete (it comes in sets of 4 classes per registration).

However, since the 3-way conference ended so late, we wouldn't have been able to make for that class on time. Change of plans, we decided to go for lunch instead and then go for his art class in the afternoon. He headed for Midvalley with Aiman still coughing non-stop.

We had a japanese lunch at Sushi King, something we had planned a week ahead, but which we did not get to enjoy much, as Aiman was coughing so badly, despite after being given a dose of the ventolin inhaler (he's asthmatic) and cough medicine, that we had to hurriedly finish our lunch.

We decided then that he would have to skip his Art Class too because it might worsen his condition as the class is a really cold classroom due to the full blown air-conditioning.

After making a quick stop at MPH to pick up some books and magazines, we headed home. As my hubby had parked at Midvalley's new wings, The Gardens, we stopped awhile to admire the architecture and the decor. Really nice!

We even managed to snap a photo or two, because Aiman, despite coughing non-stop, refused to go home, saying that he is fine. Kids! But the minute we got into the car, he fell asleep due to pure exhaustion. LOL!

Earlier, while we were at Aiman's school in the morning, I got an sms from my sister in Kota Bharu saying that my mum has been diagosed with dengue, and will be admitted into hospital. I called my mum later when we were a little settled with Aiman. She did not sound that good.

When we got home, my plans with regards to my craft works all went down the drain. My mind was no longer at ease. I was worried. I was worried with Aiman who still has not stoped coughing despite another dose of ventolin inhaler and cough medicine. It gets even more worrisome when he starts to hold on to his chest in pain due to much coughing, as he is also asthmatic. Now, my mum is in the hospital in Kota Bharu with dengue. My mum is not young anymore, and despite being in good spirits most of the time, especially since coming back from Irelend to visit my brother, she hasn't been in the best of health.

I didn't sleep that well last night, finally waking up at 5.00am. I decided there and then that I will make a trip back to see my mum. But, as my son is also not in the best of health, I was not willing to leave him just yet, so, I decided to delay my trip back for a few days with the hope that my son will be better then. For now till Thursday, my eldest sister will be taking care of my mum, hopefully, alternating with my youngest sister, who is also in Kota Bharu.

I hope my son will recover quickly before I fly back to Kota Bharu, so that I have one less thing to worry about, though I worry about him all the time, and I pray that my mum will be on the road to recovery very quickly.

With my mind in turmoil, I abandoned my plans to start thinking about the birthday exchange and the NNC Lottery, as I was no longer in a creative mood, but, I needed to take my mind off things, so, I picked up my DT Sampler Gameboard and started stitching on it. It helps ease my stress level, and calms me down. I needed to be strong for my son and for my mum.

So far, this is how far I have progressed. I still have quite a long way to go, but a progress still, none the less. Emily has joined me in the SAL, and BJ said that she will be starting on it again soon. I had hoped to complete it at the end of last year, but, I got distracted by so many other things. I am way behind my own schedule. *grin*


tinn tinn said...

Hey Nik,

i hope your son and mum will be better soon...

ShannyK-L said...

I do hope that Aiman is well and your mum gets better soon....

BTW, when are going to finish your boardgame? I can't wait to see it! hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

For readers of this blog,

I m glad to report that Aiman is well and running. And jumping. And swimming. Etc.

Nik mom's is also on the mend and out of the hospital.

Nik's Hubby

Lody said...

hi nik,
good to hear that Aiman and your mom are doing ok now.