Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A cross stitcher by accident.............

"Ambitious beginner!", she wrote in her photoblog. Yup, you sure are, Eli! *wink* But, welcome to the club! Hugs! Hugs!

My sister-in-law, Eli, who is in the US, picked up cross stitching by 'accident' recently while doing me a favour when I asked her to check out the JoAnn Store in Ann Arbor.

JoAnn has always been one of my favourite (I have many, actually! LOL!) online shop for cross stitch and quilting supplies, but alas, they don't ship overseas. *sigh* So, usually, I would browse the site to see what's the latest in the craft world, and then go to other sites to order it.

The online shop is very resourceful, and it's like a one-stop center. But, now that I have a SIL in the US, wow, I now have someone to buy me supplies from JoAnn! LOL! *wink* Thanks for the last shipment, Eli!

It's even easier now to ask her to get me something now that we both speak the same language! My hubby's right about the 'talking in code' language! LOL! *wink*

Ooops! I am digressing again...as usual! *grin*

Anyway, back to my SIL picking up cross stitching by accident, she completed her first piece quite fast and it's such a lovely piece, and the way it was mounted and framed to match the piece made it even lovelier.

In her excitement of picking up a new hobby, she went on to order a second piece online because she wanted something bigger and more challenging piece to do. Trust my SIL Eli to want something bigger and more challenging! LOL!

I think she did not know what she was getting herself into when she made the order, because when it arrived, she was shocked to receive the stitching fabric, because it was a 28ct evenweave! I have been doing cross stitch since my cradle days *wink*, and I have only just recently started working on evenweaves, and even then that is after much coaxing from my stitching friends that I dare to venture further than the aida.

Eli said that it is a lot of struggle for her to work on it, but finds it very challenging to work on. That's the spirit, Eli! You go, girl!

She finds separating the colours the fun part of the project *LOL!*, even though she complains why they can’t separate and label the flosses before putting in a kit! I wondered that too, Eli, but kits that comes with flosses already separated will cost you more, as you will soon find out as you do more pieces.

Enjoy stitching your second piece, Eli. I hope you will enjoy every minute of your time working on it, and don't forget to show it off once it is done!

Again, welcome to the club, Eli, and shoot off as many questions as you may have, if you find yourself lost on some stitching matters. Remember, I have gone through most of them already! LOL! *wink*


nikai said...

Eli learned this tip: sort the flosses under white light, which is rare in US homes. Yellow lights make dont differentiate colors that well.. haha..

eli said...

*blushing* hey I'm not qualified to be featured in your blog.. so embarassing esp to yr seasoned sticher-friends..hehe... now I really have to complete that evenweave project... thanks kak nun!