Saturday, January 12, 2008


It was my hubby's birthday on 9th January. A week before that, I took my son out to Memory Lane, Subang Parade to pick out a card and a birthday gift.

When we got to the shop, my son went about looking for balloons, and party hats, saying that he wants to have a birthday party for his Abah. He must think that all birthdays must be celebrated the way children's birthday parties are celebrated. Unfortunately, it was a working day for both of us, and he would be schooling on that day. So, there was no way that could we have a birthday party for Abah, unless we do it on the next day, as it was a public holiday (Awal Muharram) or on the weekend. But, we already have a cousin's birthday party to attend on Saturday, and I will be working on Sunday, so the weekend was definitely out of the question.

After much explaining, my son finally left the party section and head on to the card section. He picked out two cards, with no coaxing at all from me. Both cards were cute, but the one he finally chose is so sweet, and funny at the same time, and I couldn't stop smiling as I pictured my hubby receiving the card. *smile* My son also picked out a mug that say's "BIG COFFEE DRINKER". It's really BIG - the mug, that is! LOL!

On the day of my hubby's birthday, as it was a working and schooling day for us, as we rush to get ready, my son played hide and seek and jumped at his Abah to surprise him with the gift and cards. Then my son came over to me and whispered, "Mummy, we are going to take Abah out for dinner at Victoria Station today, aren't we?" We are? LOL! *wink*

Yeah, I had that planned already in my head, but before I could even tell my hubby, my son had already read my thoughts! LOL!

We were supposed to have an early dinner at 6.00pm, but the storm spoilt the plan as my hubby only arrived home past 8.00pm that day, after picking up our son at his mum's place.

We immediately left for Victoria Station in TAIPAN, Subang Jaya. I had actually called up the restaurant ahead to make reservations when I realised that we were going to be late getting there as I wanted to make sure that we got a seat in the train cabin. No real reason for why I wanted the seat in the cabin, except that my son likes seating in the cabin and imagining that he is on a real train. *grin*

Since I was already on the phone with the restaurant, I thought I'd surprise my hubby with a birthday cake and requested that a cake be served at the end of our dinner. I think I had a mischievious and smiling look on my face as I put down the phone, because I know that if you inform Victoria Station that you are coming in for a birthday dinner and would like a cake to be served as a surprise, they will actually get their waiters to sing a birthday song for you! *wink* I hope my hubby will actually be surprised and not embarassed. *grin*

We had a good dinner where we started with Nachos as a appetizer or starter, and then I ordered seafood platter ( I think the portions are getting smaller), and my hubby ordered Tornado Rossini, while my son ordered BBQ Chicken.

I think the service at Victoria Station has deteriorated, because on several occassion, the waiter would pass the food and hot drinks in front of my son as she tried to place it in front of my hubby. Couldn't she have come around to place it in front of my hubby as the seat in front of him is empty? If I am not mistaken, at the waitressing school, you are taught to always try to serve to the left of a person? What if she had spilled the hot tea on my son as she reached to pour the drink in my hubby's cup? *shudder*

I gave her a piece of my mind when she did it again as she came to pick up the plates after dinner was done, when she almost knock my son's head. Did she apologize for her mistake? Tough luck! The younger generations now a days have lost the skill to be well mannered. *sigh* I just hope that I can teach my son good manners and always behave well at all times.

Oopps! Sorry for diagressing, but I just had to get that out of my system. LOL! *grin* Okay, back to the report at hand, it was a long time after dinner that they finally served the moderate size chocolate birthday cake. My hubby was starting to get suspicious when I did not want to leave the restaurant despite being done with dinner, because I am usually the one that wants to get done with dinner quickly and get home as soon as possible as I always have loads of things to do at home.

The cake finally came, with a single candle on it. The waiter serving it thought it was for my son, and gave a cheeky smile when I said it's for the hubby! *grin*

My hubby was pleasantly surprised when the cake was served, but got a little bit embarassed as the three stooges .... oopps!... waiters started singing him a birthday song! LOL! See that look on his face as he sat seemingly embarassed by my surprise? LOL! *wink*

The waiters sang so loudly that my son had to put his hands over his ears! I think he got a shock too! LOL! Well, it turned out that my hubby wasn't the only one celebrating his birthday that night in the restaurant. A few minutes after the waiter sang my hubby a birthday song, they went on to the table at the other end across from us to sing another birthday song. So, hopefuly that will lessen my hubby's embarassment for that night. *smile*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dia! I hope you have had a great day. I wanted to surprise you, but I did not mean to embarass you. I hope all your good wishes come true, and I hope that you will live a long, healthy and happy life with me and Aiman. Love you! Muaaah, hugs !
and kisses


eli said...

We prefer to dine in the train cabin too.. my favorite is charbroiled US spare rib. Yum!

Heheh I can see Abg Man blushed when 3 stooges sang the bday song.. u snapped it at just the right moment ;-)

Happy birthday Abg Man!

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Ma said...

Happy belated birthday Man.It is not that I forgot, but I was still dazed on the dates - results of jetlagged maybe. Sometimes I also do not like to admit that I am forgetful-for unknowm reason really. Sorry Man, for the late comment.Ma.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eli, Lin and Ma, fro the birthday wishes.

Hmm, I feel like Nik Ai, communicating via somebody else's blog page.

Azman/Abg Man