Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Questions/Comments answered

I received a few questions with regards to some of the postings posted here at my blog, but I have no way of answering the person directly since some of the questions came from people I am unfamiliar with. So I have decided to answer the questions here with the hope that those who posted the questions will come back to check as to whether I have answered their questions. So here goes.....

"A zippered pouch...finally! "
tinn tinn said...
omg.. its so nice.. where did you get the zipper? i'm looking for one like that...
the fabrics look nice too.. american cotton ey?

My answer: Tinn Tinn, I got the zipper as part of the kit when I signed up for the zippered pouch class at SAKURA Sewing Shop, SS19, Subang Jaya. You can buy them separately also from the shop. They have them in several colours and length with different zipper ornament (that thing you use to open and close the zipper).

No, the cottons are japanese cottons, not american, but Sakura sells quite a selection of american cottons.

Thank you for dropping by my blog, Tinn Tinn. Do drop by more often!

"Some stitching progress"
Musliha said...
Salam Sis Nik..Nice friendship sampler.. (thank you, Musliha! *smile*)
Just want to know, is it framing done by Tammy? If u don't care, how much is the cost?

My answer: Yes, the framing is done at Tammy in Penang. I did the framing some time last year and can't recall the exact price, but I think it was between RM 80.00 - RM RM100.00.

"Bagged a wild one!"
yellowfeline said...
The bag is cute! :) (Thank you, yellowfeline! *smile*) I read in your previous posting about Sakura? Are you using a Sakura sewing machine now? If you are, is it any good?

I'm quite new to sewing, but would like to sew some clothes for my baby girl... am wondering what brand to buy.

My answer: Hi yellowfeline! The Sakura I mentioned in my blog is not the brand of a sewing machine, but a needlework shop that sells sewing machines, mostly BERNINA brands. I don't know if they sell Sakura brand sewing machine or not. I am not familiar with that brand.

I have a very old SINGER sewing machine that is already more then 15 years old, but still runs perfectly as I ahve it serviced regularly. If you are not into embroidery or any major quilting craft, the basic SINGER is a good buy. No, I am not an agent for SINGER. LOL! *grin*

Thank you, everyone, for dropping by my blog, and thank you for all the compliments, comments, questions, and feedbacks. I sure appreciate it! Do keep coming back!


tinn tinn said...

thanks so much for your info..

Musliha said...

Salam Sis Nik..
Boleh recognize Tammy nyer frame sebab punch tu..
Mus tak pernah try lagi di Tammy even selalu ronda dlm kedai dia..
Should try once..
Thanks for the answer..

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have the old fashion singer sewing machine too. But I have no idea how to maintain it and care for it so that it'll be in tip top condition. Any advice? Where and how often do you have you machine serviced.