Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some stitching progress

I managed to work a little bit more on my Ice Cream Sundae project at STARBUCKS on Saturday as I waited for Aiman to finish his engineering workshop. Slow, but getting there.

Yup, looks like Aiman's going to follow in his grandpa's footsteps, who is a Civil Engineer. Nope, I did not encourage him. One day, he just told me that he would like to sign up for the engineering workshop which is just a few lots away from his art class. I guess he has been peering into the workshop each time we pass by the place to go to the art class, and it must have gotten him curious and interested to learn what the kids were up to.

So far, he was shown great interest in the workshop and is very excited after each class. Unfortunately, I could not take photos of any of his work as he has to take them apart and store them away for the next class to come in. From what I gather, using the lego components, they would build remote control cars, conveyor belts, 4 wheel drives and many more, to get the kids to undertstand the mechanics of how things are built and how they move/operate. Opps! Does that mean he wants to be a Mechanical Engineer or a Mechanic? LOL!

Next, he wants me to sign him up for the computer animation class. Err.....a Computer Engineer in the making, maybe? Or maybe a movie animator? Hmmmm.......

Anyway, back to my stitching, I am also posting a photo of the Friendship Sampler by Joan Elliot which I have finally got it framed up. I did a Stitch-A-Long (SAL) with BJ on this piece. I wonder if she has got hers framed yet or not.

I had fun stitching this piece as it is truely a lovely piece, and SAL-ing it with BJ makes it even more fun! Thanks, BJ!


June said...

Que sera sera, Nik, so long as Aiman is happy. Wow, love your Friendship Sampler and it's in my fave colours too.

janet c said...

adding to June...whatever will be, will be! lol.
Be ice cream sundae could be gone in wink! ;D

Musliha said...

Salam Sis Nik..
Nice friendship sampler..
Just want to know, is it framing done by Tammy?
If u don't care, how much is the cost?

Anonymous said...

hi there, hope you don't mind me asking,
1/ where is the engineering workshop located? It sounds interesting and I'm wondering if my kids would be interested too..
2/ where in ss 19 is the sakura shop you mention
thx a whole bunch