Thursday, January 03, 2008

A little something to say......

THANK YOU for being a great friend!

Emily smsed me when she received a call from DROPZONE asking her for, maybe, directions to her office, and if she will be around to receive a parcel. She suspected that I had something to do with it, since I had smsed her earlier asking her as to until what time will she be working yesterday.

She had asked why did I send her a gift, when it finally arrived later that evening. Sometimes you have no other reason to send a person a gift except to just to say thank you to the person for being there for you, for supporting you, for understanding, or simply for just being your friend. Sometimes you simply just have the urge to make that someone something so as to make that someone feel special for she is special to you. You just hope that the gift will make that person's day.

Honestly, do we actually need a reason to give? In my opinion, no. Sometimes you simply just want to give. *smile*

So, yesterday, Emily and June received a surprised (at least I hope Emily was surprised. I know June was! *wink*) handmade gifts from me. *smile*

Emily received a purple (her favourite colour) house tissue box cover. I had just the right colour fabric to make her a gift, because I have been wanting to make Emily something in her favourite colour for sometime now, but simply could not find the time. what else is new when it comes to always not having the time? LOL! *wink*

Since I had just learnt how to make the tissue box cover at SAKURA, I thought this would be great to make as gifts. I wanted to get it done and mail off by christmas, but, I went off target when I had to keep cancelling my leave when work just kept piling up. I finally completed it during the christmas break. I am glad for the much waited long holiday.

I hope Emily likes it, and will always remember me each time she pulls a tissue from the "PURPLE HOUSE". *wink*

I did a 3rd one after I made the one for Emily. This time I did it in brown, using leftover fabrics from my son's bagpack. What do you think? Looks like it belongs in the jungle, doesn't it? LOL!

When I was learning to make this tissue box cover at SAKURA, I was using the BERNINA available in the classroom, which June likens it to the mercedez benz class of sewing machines, as compared to my Perodua Kembara SINGER sewing machine. LOL! When I had to do the windows and doors, I wondered if my faithful 15 year old machine could do just a nice a stitch as the BERNINA. Guess what? It could! In fact, I am very pleased with the way the stitches around the doors and windows came out. I love my machine! *grin*

For June, I made her a quilted bag. I knew the motif on the bag would be just perfect for June. *wink* I had bought the material some time back, but had no excuse to make it into anything since it had santa claus as its motifs. My hubby wouldn't be too pleased with me lugging something that has human figures on it. I bought the fabric anyway because I simply love the colours! LOL!

Same reason as for Emily, I also have been wanting to make something for June, so, when I saw the fabric June made for the thread catcher, it immediately gave me an idea what I wanted to do with the fabric! Finally I could make something out of the lovely fabric, and give it to a very dear friend, who I know could use it for her stash shopping! LOL! I am glad she likes the bag (she posted a message at NNC).

Since she said that she likes blue, I decided the blue I had would match the motifs on the front. I tried putting the blue on the front too, but I think the maroon works better. Don't you think so? *wink*

It was a first for me to do the handle in two different colours, but I think I did OK. *grin* The bag is also reversible like the other bags that I have been making, thus the reason why I did the handle in two different colours.

I had enjoyed sewing it and seeing it come together as I did the quilting part and putting the bag together. I hope June will find many pleasureable stash shopping trips with it. *smile*

Dropzone almost did not want to send it over until today as they had many packages to deliver when I called to check on the delivery on Wednesday. I paid next day delivery, and they picked it up last year *wink* on Monday, 31st December 2007! So, I told them that it would defit the purpose of my paying for their courier service if it doesn't get delievered TODAY! LOL!

I am glad that both the gifts arrived safely.

Here is a bag I made for my sister-in-law, Sufia. I wanted to make a baby bag since she is expecting a child in March, but, since I didn't have much practice in making a baby bag, I wasn't confident to do one. It just might take me ages, probably until the baby is born! LOL!

I also thought that a normal bag would be better in that she could use it long after she no longer needs to carry baby things in the bag. Hopefully, she too will have many happy hours carrying the bag around for shopping or just a day out with the baby.


June said...

I will definitely spend many pleasurable hours lugging the bag you've quilted for me. I may even strut like a peacock showing it off as it's such a gorgeous bag. Lol.

Wow, I didn't know it's a reversible bag. Ok, I'm going to turn it inside out once I get back home to admire anew. Once more, thank you, Nik, for RAKing me. I feel so blessed indeed.

Janet C said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Emily said...

Thank you Nik! For being ever so thoughtful, caring and looking out for us at NNC! Butterfly kisses!