Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It was my niece, Tengku Alia'a Muna's (Kuya), 16th birthday on 12th January. I wasn't there to celebrate it with her, but, from the photos posted at my sister's photoblog I could tell that it was a big celebration among very close family members in Kota Bharu. As my sister has said, it was a double celebration for she had got 6A's in her recent PMR (Peperiksaan Menegah Rendah).

I wish you well, dear Kuya. You have grown up to be such a pretty girl. I know you have gone through a lot already in your young life, but I hope that you will always be strong to face all the challenges that comes your way. We may not be with you in person, but we are there in spirit, and you are always in our hearts and mind. We love you very much. May you grow to be a wise women, full of love and may success always comes easy for you, but, don't stop working hard.

Take care, hugs, and kisses from Che Za, Uncle Man, and cousin Aiman.

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