Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Time for tea!

My mum brought back this lovely tea pot my brother in Ireland bought for me almost two years ago. It is supposed to be a showpiece to add to my tea pot collection, but boys being boys, had used this tea pot to make their tea and coffee!

There were some slight coffee staining already, but, it is still worth as a showpiece. There is some foreign writing on the tea pot which I could not make it and my mum forgot to ask my brother what it means. But, I am sure it has a nice meaning, something like "Enjoy your Coffee/Tea" maybe?

Thanks, Ma, for bringing it back for me, and thanks, Zan, for buying the tea pot for me. Could I have one tea pot a year throughout your stay in Ireland? *wink*


nikai said...

say hi to Ma for me... we went to Pittsburgh the other day.. nanti Eli update her blog.. too many photos to sift through..

Barbara said...

Nice tea pot. The fact that it's from Ireland, the writings must be in Gaelic.