Friday, January 18, 2008

A place I use to call HOME!

My brother, who is currently furthering his studies in the US, recently went on a trip to several places during the christmas break with his family. I love reading the posts and seeing all the photos posted at my sister-in-law's photoblog, capturing the travels. It makes them being far away from us, and missing them, easier to handle. So far, yet feels so near. Aah! The advancement of technology!

Opps! I am digressing usual! LOL! *grin*

OK, back to the story at hand, among the many places they visited was Pittsburgh. What's so special about Pittsburgh, you say? Well, my brother made the effort to travel there, among one of the reasons, was because it was where I and my elder sister used to stay with our mum and dad while my dad was pursuing his Masters. He wanted to show the place to his wife and kids.

When I saw photos of the place, it brings back such fond memories of the place, and the fun time I had growing up there, despite only being there for about 2 years. I started my schooling there at Holmes Elementary, so that is something that will always be etched in my mind. I remember the boy that pulled at the collar of my coat and grabbing my mini handbag my mum gave me which I brought to school to proudly show off, making me run home crying. *blush*

I remember the japanese girl, Hiromi Iwashimizu, whose dad too was probably furthering his studies at the same university as my dad. I remember a few more other friends too though I can't correctly remember their names. I remember the Halloween Trick or Treating trips I made with my sister to fill up our treat bags, and the costumes my mum made or bought. Aahhh! Such fond memeries!

My brother said that the 2nd house we lived in at Bates Street (top photos) looks like an abandoned house, but the 1st house that we lived in at Atwood Street (2nd photo) still looks occupied.

Thanks, Nik Ai, for making the trip, and for taking the photos. I am feeling so nostalgic now! LOL! *wink*

I hope to someday be able to make the trip to the US to visit my brother, my sister-in-law and their kids who I miss dearly, and hopefully have the opportunity to travel to Pittsburgh with my hubby and son, and tell my son all the wonderful stories and the great times I had in the US.


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