Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A new year resolution?

I haven't actually made any new year resolution, sort of, craft wise. I haven't given it that much thought into it just yet, but, off hand, I want to finish off my DT GBS of course. There is also my christmas star hardanger piece, which has now been a year since I started on it. Err..maybe more.

I want to do more bags and also more house tissue box covers. I also plan to also take up more classes at Sakura, because they have quite a few interesting classes lined up for 2008.

I have signed up for quite a few exchanges in 2008. *gulp* What have I just got myself into? So far, these are the exchanges:

1. Birthday Exchange (BDE) - organised by BJ - a year long exchange

2. Cupcake/Slice of Cake Exchange (CSCE) - organised by Jess. Mailing Deadline 29/2/2008

3. Tea Coaster Exchange (TCE) - organised by Usha. Mailing out date by 30/06/2008.

4. NNC Lottery - organised by BJ. Errr...did I sign up for this exchange? I'd better check. Anyway, lottery draw date will be on 15/09/2008. With my kind of luck when it comes to lucky draws, I haven't been that lucky! LOL! But, who knows, 2008 might just bring me better luck in this area. *wink*

With my PC `kaputing' on me on New Year's Day, I just hope it is just a small fluke to test my patience. After this, everything will move on smoothly. *wink* My PC is still down though, as of 7.30pm tonight, despite getting a new power supply and adding more RAMs. I am using my hubby's laptop to update my blog.

5. Charm Stash Exchange (CSE) - organised by Janet. A no sewing exchange. Select at least 10 fabrics from your stash; cut them into 5-inch square. Pack them into sets enough to distribute among the participants. Schedule for 1st quarter 2008.

6. Favourite Colour Exchange (FCE) - organised by Jess. This is going to be one exchange where a lot of work will have to go in to prepare for it as this is what was stated as the rules and guidelines for the exchange -

Your mission - To spoil your partner with the following items in her favourite colour/ colour combinations.

Your package MUST include the following

* 1 item handmade by yourself in any medium ( eg. x/stitched, knitted, crocheted, tatted, beaded etc. ) IN YOUR PARTNER'S FAVOURITE COLOUR/S.

* 3 items that you feel your partner would be happy to add to her stash ( eg, fat quarters for a quilter, linen or floss for a stitcher, other ideas; yarn, beads, magazines, paper goods etc ) IN YOUR PARTNERS FAVOURITE COLOUR/S

I jokingly asked Jess if my partner would be able to find a mag in PINK! *wink*

* 1 6x4 inch "postcard," one side with a message to your pal, and the other side to be deocorated by yourself ( in any way, eg. painted, stamped, coloured in, stickers, decorated with buttons, felt, fabric etc ) IN YOUR PARTNERS FAVOURITE COLOUR/S

Mailing out date for this exchange is between 23rd to 30th April.
Opps! I'd better get to work on these! Err...but I don't know who my partner is yet until the closing date, though.

I sure have gotten myself into a foot deep of trouble, haven't I, to fullfill all my exchange commitments? LOL! Wish me luck!

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Barbara said...

Wishing you luck! You'll need it :p