Saturday, January 19, 2008

Such beauties!

Enchanted by the beautiful snowflake tatting pieces Faizon made for Mel which she (Faizon) brought to the Anniversary Meet to give to Margaret to pass on to Mel, but which we made her show them to us first *grin*, I commissioned Faizon to make 10 pieces for me in, eerr....what else..PINK! LOL!

Faizon is a tatting sifu, and as to be expected, the pieces she made for me were simply to die for.....heheh..for those who can appreciate the efforts and time put into them, not to mention, the soul that went into making these lovely pieces, would be able to undertsand the feeling of appreaciation that I feel when seeing such great pieces of handiwork.

I received these gorgeous pieces just before christmas as I had planned on puting them on the bags I was crazy making then (still am, actually! *grin*) or to make them into wind chimes. But, upon seeing the lovely pieces, I felt that they were simply too precious to use and I just want to keep them the way they are, and take them out of the packaging and admire them from time to time! *grin*

I commissioned Faizon to make me 10 pieces, but she made me 12! Thanks, Faizon!

I might someday still use them, but, for now, they are just in the packaging that they came in until I can think of a better way to use them so as to be able to appreaciate the beauty of the pieces.

They are definitely a beauty, aren't they?

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