Friday, January 18, 2008

Please identify yourself......

Will the anonymous who posted these question/comment at my blog please identify yourself by giving me a link to your blog, if you want your questions, anwered?

"Questions/Comments answered"
Anonymous said...
Hi there, I have the old fashion singer sewing machine too. But I have no idea how to maintain it and care for it so that it'll be in tip top condition. Any advice? Where and how often do you have you machine serviced.

"Some stitching progress"
Anonymous said...

hi there, hope you don't mind me asking,
1/ where is the engineering workshop located? It sounds interesting and I'm wondering if my kids would be interested too..
2/ where in ss 19 is the sakura shop you mention
thx a whole bunch

I am a little uncomfortable about answering any questions to an anonymous. It's a dangerous world out there, and you can never be too trusting. I hope you will understand my reservations and identify yourself. Thanks!

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