Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aznil and…......who?

After almost two weeks of listening to Aznil and Din Bramboi, I think I have had enough!

Aznil alone is ok, but I simply cannot stand Din Bramboi! I simply cannot appreciate Din Bramboi’s jokes which I sometimes find very silly and at most times annoying, especially when he kept on interrupting Aznil at almost every sentence that Aznil speaks.

Does he not know that he isn’t actually funny? Hmm..okay, I take that back, Maybe some listeners find him funny. I must be the very few that simply cannot appreciate his….eerr….jokes!

Sorry, Era.fm, but you just lost me as a listener in the morning. Like as if it matters to the management of Era.fm actually…….

With Fara Fauzana temporarily ‘out of the way’ *wink*, on leave, to perform her umrah, I am now tuning in to Hot.fm on my morning drive each day that I go to work. I think I can get use to FBI (Faizal Ismail), but, Fara…hmm….maybe I should just give her ‘another chance’ when she comes back from performing her umrah. LOL! *grin*

Hot.fm is definitely my companion on my evening drive home, ever since Kieran was permanently slotted for the evening drive home with AG. He and AG always make me smile, and it’s good to listen to both of them as I drive home after a stressful day at work.

At the moment, I am only tuned in to Era.fm at night when Reza comes on air from 8.00 – 12.00 in the evening. Someone left a comment on my blog a few days ago at my earlier posting, “Kieran vs Reza vs……Linda Onn”, saying that even Reza might be booted out from Era.fm anytime soon. If this is, in any way true, than looks like I won’t be tuning in to Era.fm anymore. Era.fm will lose me totally as a loyal listener….after almost 9 years!

Hmm….I wonder if that actually matters to the management of Era.fm, as I could only be a grain of salt in a pool of water. I am sure if it does matter to them to lose people like me as a loyal listener, then I am sure they would have ‘listened’ to us, and try ‘to please us a little’, but, looks like they just don’t care…… *sigh*

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