Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear!

It was my hubby's birthday on 9th January, and we celebrated it by taking him out to dinner at the Dome in Subang Parade.

I had the usual Chicken and Mushroom Pie, while my son also had the usual Fish and Chips. Very unadventurous, aren't we? LOL!

But, my hubby decided to try somthing else - Pumpkin Soup and Fish in Tumeric Sauce. The verdict? He said that the Fish in Tumeric Sauce was just OKAY. So, I guess going for something that you are very familiar with would always be a safe bet. *grin*

Earlier on, my hubby and son presented him with a birthday present which my son had chosen. I am amazed that my son actually knows what his dad likes. It was his suggestion that we get my hubby a book, and when I asked him what kind of book, he suggested that we go to MPH and look for a book on Military or History, my hubby's two favourite subjects.

When we got to MPH on the Friday, 2nd Janaury, the day I took leave, we found 3 books which I thought that my hubby would like, but my son made the choice of this book on TANKS, while I had thought that the other two books would have been a better choice.

I must say it was a very smart choice by my son as I hubby could not let the book down since getting it on his birthday. *smile*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sayang! Hope you will have a great year ahead! Hugs and lots of kisses from me and Aiman.


eli said...

Happy birthday Abg Man!
No picture of the birthday boy eh?.. hee

Semoga panjang umur dah murah rezeki & can visit us here ;)

Za said...

Yeah, I just realised that I forgot to upload photos of the BD boy! LOL!

For one thing, Aiman 'forwarned' us about having the waiter singing a birthday song to his Abah, like we did last year. He said that they are loud and noisy.

I offered to buy Abg Man a small cake, but he said no. But, now, come to think of it, macam tak lengkap pula birthday without the cake. Maybe I will get a belated one later.....*wink*