Friday, January 16, 2009

Feeling blue...or, is that turqouise?

I went to town today to pick up my dress for a wedding function I will be attending at the end of the month.

I am feeling a little bit upset as I did not like the dress I had custom made, despite having it repaired twice. I think the cutting and style somehow no longer suits me as I am getting rounder *sigh* Yeah..fat! I know LOL! I use to be able to carry dresses of this design quite well in my younger days and when I was a lot slimmer. *wink*

Now the dress is making me look even rounder! LOL! *sigh*

Now I have no other turqouise dress to wear that is suitable for a wedding as the theme is turqouise and the host had made a special request that all those involved in helping him organise the event wear the same colour theme. *sigh*

I am contemplating if I should go to town next Friday to look for something off the rack, but it that might cost me a bomb. The custome-made dress already costed me a hand and a leg. *sigh*

Thanks, Tini, for suggesting that I should check out the boutiques at Mydin Mall. I will try to drop by there this weekend.

Hmmm.....there's still the day after Chinese New Year, and the wedding isn't until the 30th of January. You think the shops will already be opened by then? Hubby did say that we can go shopping on that day, right, Dia? *wink*

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