Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ushering in the New Year!

I ushered in the new year working on my LOVE quilt last night! *grin*

I stayed up to watch the Ambang 2009 concert over on TV2, but there was nothing great about the show. I missed most parts of it as Aiman wanted to watch Spider Man 3, so we kept flipping channels. *grin*

Usually there would be one concert over at KLCC which would usually be telecast live over at TV3. I wonder why they did not have one this year. Could it be due to the current economic situation? I prefer their concerts as they usually have good artistes performing.

Anyway, I managed to catch Suki (One In A Million winner 2006) performing at the Ambang 2009 concert though , and I think she has improved a lot in looks. She has matured and looks so pretty and cute! You can't even tell if she is chinese or malay. She looks pan asian last nite. That's a Malaysian!

I also managed to watched the fireworks on TV as Pak Lah (our Prime Minister) ushered
in the new year with the crowd. After that, my hubby said he wanted to watch a movie, so, I decided to baste my LOVE quilt while waiting for him to finish the movie. I ended up sleeping at 1.30am, as hubby watched a second movie! *grin*

The basting is done. I am now just waiting for Saturday to learn the proper way to machine quilt it. Before this, I learn everything from the books. There are certain things that books cannot teach you.

Yup, I am not going to hand quilt this one. It's BIG measuring at 83" x 99"! LOL! The width is just right for my bed, but I think the length is longer by about 9".

This evening, I hope to work on the calendar project. We will be going out in the morning, and lunch will be at my in-law's house today.


Janet C said...

Wow - it's looking fabulous!

snazzynsuch said...

the quilt is so pretty!! and you work super fast... *envy, envy..since i'm stuck with orders*

Azman said...

Yep, that's what happens in a one-TV-household; whenever one party wants to watch a movie that the others don't find interesting, they find something else to do