Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's TUPPERWARE2U all the way!

My brother and his wife, Sufia, have just launched a website to sell TUPPERWARE products, and in support of his business venture, I am introduing his website here for those interested to purchase any TUPPERWARE products.

Just click on the banner above and it will bring you directly to the website. Oohh! I am already excited for my brother! LOL! Maybe next he can launch Product of AZNIQUE? *wink*

I have been a buyer/user of tupperwares ever since I could afford proper storage systems because I like the way they stack up nicely on the shelves. These red set are at least 15 years old already.

Next, I intend to purchase these to organize my shallots, garlic and dried chillies.

This is how I store them now.........on the counter top of my kitchen cabinet. *grin*

Time to get organize
, huh? *wink* OR, an excuse to spend? LOL! *wink* No, I am just giving my dear brother moral suppport in his business venture.....*wink* What are sisters for, right? LOL! *wink*

You think you could give me discounts, dear brother? *wink*


Nik Fariz said...

Great!.. Thanks for linking our site to yours.. I hope to get big orders so that you will get big discounts.. heheh.. Insyallah.. if we prosper, we will remember you contributed towards our success..

I hope not only will u buy them products from Tupperware2u, buy you also give your doa and blessings so that this endeavor will succeed!..

Nik Fariz said...

Thanks Kak Nun for your support and doa!

Za said...

You are very welcome, Ayis!