Monday, January 26, 2009

One project, too many mistakes.......

When I went to class at EPAL yesterday, I found that the instructions in the book had not one wrong instruction, but TWO!

Yup, not only were the sizes for the months wrong, but even the sizes for the numbers were also wrong. It was supposed to be smaller than the 3" x 3 1/2" as stated in the book. It is supposed to be 1/4" smaller all around. Oh dear! And I had completed all the numbers. All 31 of them!

Now, not only do I have to redo the months, I also have to redo all the numbers too! *sigh*

By the way, the correct size for the months should have been 3 1/2" x 5". I only wished that they could have put up a sign or something in the class or told us about it when we bought the kit. *sigh*

This must be one of my longest project so far at EPAL. It is already nearing the end of January, and I still have not even started on the second January project which is the ABC quilt. So, out of frustration, I sort of started on the ABC quilt yesterday by sewing the ABC paper piecing to the fabric.

But, I did not work long on it, because, as I stared at the uncompleted numbers and months in front of me, I felt like they were staring back at me, bugging me to complete them. LOL!

So, last night, as I sat watching OCEAN THIRTEEN with my hubby which ended at about 1.00am, my hands were busy unpicking all the numbers.

This morning, I started sewing them again into smaller sizes.

Now comes the tedious part of trimming off the batting, turning them inside out and sewing close the opening. That's what is going to take me ages to finish. *sigh* Never mind, finish I will so that I can get on with my other projects. And, this morning, I was supposed to be working on the Anniversary gift. *sigh*

I am still contemplating if I want to ask Tini (of course I will be paying for her services *smile*) to help me out to redo the Months, as she just got herself a new JANOME 350e! But, first, I need to get new fabric that matches the one that was wrongly marked off and embroidered.

For the moment, I am trying to see if I could salvage the small size months. It's time to get creative! LOL!


Paul Lionel said...

Poor Nik. Make notes in the project book about the mistakes so that in the future you'll know.

Ratna said...

Its frusttating... I'll try to take note when I starts the project. Thanks for blogging it Nik.

Za said...

That was the reason why I blogged about it so that others will not be making the same mistakes I made.