Friday, January 02, 2009

A basket project and a quilt find

Today I took the day off to give my MIL another day of break (I was back at work on 30th - 31st December 2008) before school starts next week when things will start to get hectic for her.

So, I decided to go to Epal for a short while with Aiman in tow, with the hope that my calendar embroidery will be done so that I can work on it. Unfortunately *sigh*, the lady who was supposed to pick it up to do the embroidery did not come to get it.

However, she did come in while I was there, and I asked her if she could get mine ready by Sunday. She said she will try. Oohh! I do hope she will get it done by then, because I so want to get the calendar ready in time for the new year to put it up in my office, and it is already the 2nd of January!

For some reason, I kind of expected that the embroidery might not be ready by today, and so, I came prepared to do the January project - the basket.

I got started on it and could have finished it if I had stayed on till 6.00pm (assuming that Aiman would be able to last that long..LOL!), but, I had to leave by 2.00pm for lunch and to do some shopping.

I am hoping to drop by Epal again on Sunday, hopefully the embroidery will be done by then. If not, then I will just have to work some more on the basket project, or, maybe start on the other January project - the ABC quilt.

On another note, while I was cleaning up Aiman's bedroom today, I came across an old quilt project I started maybe when Aiman was less than 3 years old as it was an ABC quilt, made using panel fabrics I bought at Quilt Gallery. I just simply love the bright colours of this panel fabric! Don't you?

I had already done the quilting part - a very basic straight line quilting. Unless I decide to quilt the ABC's, what is left to do is only the binding. I think it won't take me more than a day to do it by machine, if I actually get down to it.

I think I will try to complete it sometime this year, and maybe give it to my niece who will turn one this March. It will all have to depend on my work schedule within the next month or two.

I will put up photos of the completed quilt when it's done. Hopefully readers of blog will not have to wait another 3 years to see me complete it! LOL!


Sufia said...

K.Nun, is it for Fatin? WOWW... SOOOO CUTE.. br je survey ingt nk belikan utk Fatin.. can't wait to see it.. :D.. (mama dia plak yg excited) hehe

Za said...

LOL! Yup, looks like the mama is more excited than the child that the quilt is meant for! *grin*

I will try to get it done b4 her birthday. If not, then for her mama's birthday! LOL! *wink*

Sufia said...

oppss.. :D.. hehe