Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to school!

For some reason last Saturday, Aiman was feeling all nervous and anxious about going back to school on Monday, 5th January. He usually looks forward to going to his Saturday activities classes, especially the Game Maker class, but, last Saturday, he simply refused, saying that he just wants to stay home all day.

For a boy as active as him, and he gets bored easily despite spending the whole day out of the house, that kind of behaviour of suddenly not wanting to go to his Saturday classes sounds odd.

He said that he was afraid of meeting new people. My guess is because his best friend has transfered to another school, and he feels lonely, but he couldn't explain how he was feeling. Despite reassuring him that many of his other friends will still be around, it did not help to ease the anxiousness that he felt. He cried again last night after the magrib prayers. All we could do was reassure him that everything will be OK, insyaAllah.

I told him that I will be sending him to school and I will wait for him until tea break. He can look for me should he need me.

This morning, when we reached school, he suddenly felt shy to have his mummy carry his heavy bag to his class, and told me that he will carry everything himself. He told me to go home. He wouldn't have been able to carry everything, what with the art bag, the homework folder, and a school bag that weights almost a ton!

He finally relented when he saw other boys' mummies carry the school bags too. *grin*

When we got to his class and loaded up his locker with his books, he shyly chose a table somewhere in the middle and sat quietly. He did not bother chatting up with any of the other kids despite one or two of them coming up to him to chat.

I called him out to tell him that I will be waiting for him at the school cafetaria until tea break and left.

When tea break came, he was all cheerful and running around with his friends. The anxiousness that he felt just two days before was no longer apparent. He has forgotten all about his fears the other day. *grin* Kids! LOL!

I wish him all the best, and wish him a successful year ahead. We love you, Aiman!

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