Monday, January 05, 2009

Basket project completed!

Yup, I did it after struggling with some parts of the basket at home on Friday night. I completed the basket in class on Sunday, 4th January.

I am amazed at how Tini managed to do it in 4 hours when it took me 6 hours (2 classes at 3 hours per class) in class and about 3 hours at home to complete it. I salute her at the speed that she managed to do it.

I spent Friday night unpicking most parts of what I did earlier as I was not pleased with the way the basket looks. The board did not fit snugly like it should. Sewing up the handles to the basket was driving me nuts! LOL! It looked pretty easy to do, but I bent a couple of needles before I finally managed to sew the handles to the basket! LOL!

Well, it's done now. *smile* It looks like a very nice basket to put in sewing things, right? *wink*

On another project note, I got back the piece I sent to have the numbers, days and month be embroidered at Epal. I could have done it using my Janome MC6500 machine, but it would have taken me ages and wouldn't turn out as nice. I sent it to be embroidered using the computerised JANOME 350e machine. It was done by one of the students there that has the machine, and I think she did quite a good job of it, despite making two small mistakes.

I did the applique work myself on the flowers, stems, leaves and the water can using satin stitch on my JANOME 6500 machine. They don't look too bad too, huh? *wink* I hope to work on it this weekend.

BTW, I went to Mydin last weekend as I needed to get some embroidery threads for my applique work. I could not buy just the colours I wanted, but I had to buy 4 packs in order for me to get the colours I wanted to match the fabric that I am doing the applique work. I also bought 2 packs of variegated embroidery threads.

As the pack contains one or two of the same colours, I ended up with multiples of the same colours. So, after sorting out all the colours, what I have multiples of are what you see here. There are 7 more extras in black, white, yellow and purple that are not shown in the photo.

I intend to sell this off should anyone want to buy them off me. I don't think I will be doing lots of embroidery or applique work that will warrant me needing more than one spool of thread of each colour. So, if anyone is interested, do email me and we can `talk' business. *wink*

Oh, and I also bought this lovely special edition Olfa Rotary Cutter at Quilt Gallery two weeks back. Yeah, I already have two rotary cutters (one cutter in each of my sewing box), but I could not resist this one as it was a Special Edition. I could not even find it anymore on eBay. So, since QG still has it, and there are only two more left, I thought...hhmmm...why not! LOL! *grin*


busymum100 said...


Can sell the extra threads to me! I want, I want!

You hace 3 roller cutters? I only have one, and I don't know where I keep it! *sigh*
But i know it's somewhere safe - i put it away when small nephews and nieces came to visit.

Za said...

Sure, Sabariah! You can have them when we meet up in February.

Doing a lot of embroidery work, are you?

Tini, let me know which colours you want, OK?