Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yee Sang for properity

It is a belief among the chinese that the higher you toss the yee sang, while wishing for luck and prosperity, the better. It is a practice that has evolved from a tradition to a fun practice among families members, friends and business ssociates.

Though I am not a chinese (well, I do have part chinese blood in me. Maybe that explains why I love yee sang so much! *grin*), but, yee sang is a dish I look forward to come every chinese new year. I just simply love the taste!

To those unfamiliar, yee sang is traditionally a serving of julienne vegetables and pickles and thinly sliced fish enhanced with peanuts, and is almost always served during the Chinese New Year to usher in luck. I like it best served with slices of salmon! Yum!

So, today, my hubby, knowing how much I love yee sang, took us out to lunch at Sakae Sushi Bangsar Village II for Yee Sang. What can I say, it was yummy! Just simply could not get enough of it!

Usually my hubby and I would have yee sang at Sushi King where the helping is rather small, and I would end up taking two bowls. *grin* But, at Sakae Sushi, the helping is big (and so is the price. *grin*), and even after sharing it with my hubby, there was still plenty not just for seconds, but thirds too.

The only other dish I had besides the yee sang was salmon sushi and cawanmushi. That was enough for me!

My hubby took a bento set, which I managed to take a little dip in too, and was delicious too.

My son went for the Kiddy Meal which was named Fire Engine, as it was served on a fire engine shaped plate. I think it's so cute!

Here's a close up of the hash brown. Cute, huh? LOL! *grin*

By the way, the ordering system at this restaurant is a sign of how far we have come, and how advanced our technology is.

They have set up this computer screen complete with mouse at every table, and all you have to do is to click on the menu of the item that you want, and hit "CONFIRM ORDER", and tadaa! your order has been taken and you will be served shortly!

Now that's technology!

Soon a robot will be serving you instead of a real person. And, I am sure that won't be long coming to Malaysia!

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