Sunday, January 18, 2009

Progressing too slowly

I have been working on this calendar project for almost 3 weeks already, though not diligently.

I have not been crafting at all last week. I was in Penang on Wednesday, and I was working late on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. I came home too exhausted to do anything else except to get dinner ready.

Today I skipped class at Epal for the 2nd Sunday in a row as I did not finish up the `homework’ that I was supposed to do. My hubby said that I am setting a bad example to our son – skipping classes and not finishing my homework! LOL! *grin*

When I gave him the reason why I did not want to attend class was because I had been busy and thus did not have time to do my homework, he said that I am just like my son – likes to make excuses! LOL! *grin*

OK! OK! I will find time this coming week to work on my project so that I will be able to attend class next Sunday. *grin* No more excuses from me next week…I hope! *grin*

Anyway, here is my progress so far…….

I have completed putting the calendar together.

I just need to hem stitch the binding to the backing piece. I also need to sew the buttons on the appliquéd squares and the watering can.

I also have yet to sew any of the plastic button studs on the days (the rectangular patchwork squares) in order to attach the numbers of the month. That’s 31 studs to sew times 2 as I have to sew the studs on the number pieces as well! Gulp! *grin*

On the numbers itself, I have only gotten so far as to sew the top, the batting and the backing piece together, and have cut up the numbers individually. I am now trimming off the batting so that when I turn the inside out, the number pieces would not turn out too bulky, which I have started a little bit, but still a long way to go.

After that, I have to sew the number pieces close where I had left an opening to turn it inside out. That’s 31 numbers to do!

Not to forget, I also have 12 months to stitch and do exactly what I am doing for the numbers!

Boy! When I started out on this project, I did not think it was going to be so tedious to do! LOL! What have I gotten myself into! *grin*

But, complete this project I will, as I have to set a good example to my son! *wink*

BTW, while I was sewing up the top, batting and backing piece together for the numbers, I discovered this very useful foot called the satin stitch foot. It is different from the open toe satin stitch foot used for patchwork and appliqué.

This satin stitch foot is a clear plastic foot with a center groove making it easy to see the path of stitches that you have to stitch. It makes stitching these numbers almost a breeze, especially when maneuvering curves.

On the progress of my LOVE quilt, like I said earlier, I did not do any crafting at all last week, so I did not work on the LOVE quilt either. But, the week before that, I did work on it.

In fact, I went out to buy a foldable table at CARREFOUR so that I can set up my SINGER sewing machine downstairs as I needed a surface that is smooth so that the quilt will move smoothly across the table top.

Before this, I have been using the dining table to work on my quilt and because the surface of the dining table is covered with a table cloth, the quilt always gets stuck, and it becomes heavy. I almost twisted my wrist trying to maneuver it around while quilting.

I could have removed the table cloth, but then it would have exposed my glossy table top which have yet to have a single scratch on it since I bought it some 16 years ago. I want to keep it scratch free for as long as I can. How about putting a glass top to protect the top? A new foldable table specifically dedicated for my sewing is an easier and cheaper option, I think. *wink*

So, here is the table all set up for sewing. I have also set up another plastic foldable table which I have had for years already as the quilt is big and I need to lift it off the floor.

Here is the quilt all ready to be quilted.

I am about 1/3 done on the quilting, though I might want to hand quilt some motifs on the center of some of the blocks, because I have never tried quilting motifs before. All this while I have been quilting only straight lines, except for small practice pieces which I did when I attended a very basic free motion quilting class at Quilt Gallery more than a year ago.

I really need to get back on this LOVE quilt too as it has been hanging around in the dining room for far too long. I just don’t want to end up it being a UFO (Un Finished Object)! LOL!

Time to get my act together! *grin*


Paul Lionel said...

Good luck Nik! Another foldable table for all our foods later lol!!

Aw said...

love the calendar...though it is tedious, worthwhile to see the result. Lovely sewings

Zarina said...

Nik - what kind of table do you use for cutting? I am thinking of looking at Ikea for the island thingy (that is usually for the kitchen. (too tired of bending)

Za said...

Zarina, I use the dining table and the old foldable plastic table for cutting.

Za said...

Thanks, Aw, for dropping by.

Yeah, I know it's tedious, and I can't wait to get it completed too!