Sunday, January 04, 2009

Kieran vs Reza vs….Linda Onn?

Ever since Kieran left Radio about two months back, I noticed that seems unsettled in their scheduling of time slots for the deejays to come on air. I would hear Reza in the morning, and then I would hear him again at night. I would be hearing Ray in the afternoon, and then, next morning, he is back on air doing the morning drive slot.

There were days when I would switch on the radio, no matter what time it was, and I would be hearing Nana’s shrieky voice. I can’t seem to find when Linda Onn comes on air. She used to be slotted between 2 – 6pm, but, that time slot was sometimes taken over by Chams or Rizal.

I can’t figure out which deejay is at which time slot anymore. For the last two weeks, they have been promoting that the Morning Drive to Work or Pagi Di Era will now be taken over by Aznil and Din Bramboi. I don’t even know who Din Bramboi is!

It seems that Era is doing a big revamp of the whole station, taking in some new `voices’, while, at the same time, giving some of their long time loyal deejays the axe. I only recently found out that Linda Onn has been transferred to their sister station, at 96.7 (within the Klang Valley).

It seems that she’s (Linda Onn) not happy there. She feels unappreciated, after all her efforts, in part, to put at the number one spot. Is it maybe because felt that she is no longer an asset to them when she failed to clinched the Most Popular Radio Deejay award at the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian last year, after winning it for 5 years in a row, losing out to Fara Fauzana from

They have also taken off the air their weekend deejays like Ezzy (can’t figure out how to spell her name correctly) and Mira (I think that’s her name). Even Aimee, their new deejay, has been transfered to

They brought in Burn from to take over from Ray for the C30 (daily top charts) slot. Now Dina, the 1st runner up in Malaysian Idol, is hosting the Weekly Top Charts with Nana on Saturday, from 2 – 4 pm instead of it usually being aired on Sunday, 9 – 12.00 noon, with a repeat on Sunday at 10.00am.

I heard more new `voices’ will be joining the radio station soon in their efforts to remain the number ONE radio station in the country. I think is desperate to remain in the top spot as is fast gaining momentum to reach the top spot. Now with Kieran, a big name in the local malay station fraternity, a part of their family, they could easily push over to the number two slot at anytime. Thus the reason why I think is doing a huge revamp of their programming, time slots and deejays. They need to remain current, fresh and interesting to attract new radio listeners and keep the current ones loyal.

My personal opinion of this as a loyal listener of in the last 8 years or so? I am a little confused with the new set up and time slot.

For a start, I still don’t like listening to Nana’s shrieky voice, and would change the channel each time she comes on air, despite many attempts to bear with it, when I find nothing else interesting on the radio at any other stations.

Burn is slowly gaining a place in my heart, or, shall I say, ears, as I listen to him at night while I work on my crafts or do work on the computer. He’s pleasant to hear.

I like having Reza doing the morning drive as opposed to Ray and Adi whom I find boring and uncreative in their presentation. I like listening to Reza’s voice in the morning on the drive to work (of course, Kieran would always be my first choice *grin*, but he has been slotted for the evening drive over at

I especially find it amusing at the way he handles “Kena Kantoi”, where he would call up listeners to play pranks on them. I find myself smiling, laughing too, to a certain extent, when I listen to him playing up the pranks. *grin*

I can’t tell now when actually is Reza’s time slot. I use to catch him on my drive home in the evening on some days, but, there are days when that slot is taken over by Chams. I hope Reza does not remain at the evening drive home slot as that is also the same time slot as Kieran and AG over at Hot,fm. It also seems to be Linda Onn’s time slot over at

Now, I am torn between who I want to listen to in the evening, between Kieran, Reza and Linda, but Kieran would definitely be my first choice. *wink*

I think has got it when they teamed up AG with Kieran, calling themselves ‘Jawa Rangers’. They are almost as good as the KnK team over at when Era was on it’s way up to the number One spot some 5 years back.

However, I have yet to find an interesting channel to listen to in the morning on the drive to work, as I am not a big fan of FBI (Faizal Bin Ismail) and Fafau (Fara Fauzana). I think I’ll wait come this Monday morning, 5th January 2009, when Aznil comes on air with Din Bramboi. Maybe they will make a difference to my morning drive?


Asmahani said...

So, how do u find them, Aznil and Din Beramboi? I listened to them this morning, and i think they gave a pretty good start. Owh, Din Beramboi is the voice behind the puppet who pairs with aznil in Tom Tom Bak, Astro Ceria ( err, I doubt u watch that show, LOL).

Btw, Happy New Year to you.

Za said...

I do watch Tom Tom Bak whenever my son happens to be watching it. But, I watch Tom Tom Bak to watch Aznil, not to watch the kids! LOL! *wink*

Aznil and Din Bramboi was only passable to me this morning. Aznil's OK. It's Din Bramboi I can't make out his `jokes'.

Maybe I just need to get use to them on my drive to work in the morning.

Happy New Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

It is called an inside politics in the station. Linda is kicked out not because of 'not winning' in ABP. There are a group of 'bosses' (i supposed) who have been trying hard to kick Linda out. She definitely is not happy bcoz Sinar fm is not her kinda music (retro i m talking about!). She loves Hip Hop,R&B. But the way her bosses 'kicked' her out is in such 'personal attack'. Because she is rich,successful,too high 'up there' that makes her not reachable to the listeners. Pity Linda. Is it wrong to rich? ERA should be glad bcoz Linda becomes rich because of ERA too! After all , she didnt have the chance to say bye bye to her listeners. ERA is cruel. Kiran,Khairil,Halim had their 'last day' in ERA. Linda,the loyal one,the most successful one did not have the chance! Figure it out! How disappointed can Linda be ?

Za said...

I wondered about that too - about Linda not given her 'last days', but I thought it could be because I must have missed it since her time slot has been moved from the 4-7 pm to the 2-4 pm slot which I could hardly catch if I am at work.

I guess we will never know, will we?

I wish Linda Onn all the best.

I like listening to her when she was doing the evening drive home. She answers questions to gossips very diplomatically, whether it's about her or about any other artiste.

She's professional in her work and in handling situations. I think may have made a `mistake' in axing her out of Era, because she's got a very strong following.

Anonymous said...

you'll be shock if next in line to be kick out is Reza.. the new boss(es) really know how to banish their competitators. cant u see it? era turning kick out the clever ones n bring in the clan...Krill, Kieran, Linda, Nila, ZZ, Reza, even their old boss Rostam, whether transfered or out.
The boss really dont like the good-looking n bright people.